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Employee Benefits:
  • Costs £240+VAT p.a. for every concurrent employee
  • You can change who those employees are subject to fair usage policy
  • Employees get massive savings off day to day expenditure
  • PLUS a treat every month
Employee engagement is essential for business growth:

Employers with high engagement* levels:
  • Achieve double the net income of the bottom 25%
  • Return seven times more to shareholders
  • 3 times higher operating margin
The potential growth of your business is in the people. If you fail to engage, and motivate them then it will fail. Simple.

We can help

Employee benefits can significantly improve employee engagement - we have teamed up with the leading brands to offer your team incredible perks on the goods and services they desire - simply for working for you with up to 95% off:
  • Bikes, Cars, MOT's and servicing
  • Leisure including: cinema tickets, eating out, health club memberships, activities and theme park entry
  • Holidays including: hotels, flights, package holidays, parking and airport lounges
  • Shopping at over 6,000 stores and websites
Plus monthly treats - something free every month to keep employees engaged
see www.work-heroes.co.uk for full details

  • Branded around you - add your company name, logo and colour scheme
  • Low cost - just £20 per employee per month from 1 employee (discounts if 100+ employees)
  • Flexible - you can change employee if someone leaves
  • Bolt-ons include:
    • Training and development
    • Employee engagement monitoring
    • Reward and recognition
* http://engageforsuccess.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/The-Evidence.pdf
Save on:
Your employees favourite brands including: